Workshop: DH Playshop

DH Playshop
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A few weeks ago I went to the DH Playshop hosted by Micki Kaufman, the program student advisor. When we went, we were able to discuss topics that we thought would be interesting. This was our chance to be able to ask someone who has been in the DH world about their experiences.

We started with talking about Micki’s experience over the years that led to her dissertation topic. She showed us a bit more of what she showed us in class and was able to show us her VR project. She also showed us the website that she made.

She described the website as containing data visualizations that did not directly connect to her dissertation but were created based on the data she collected. Although she did not have any use for these visualizations, she said that it felt like a waste to discard them, and what may not have meaning to her could be meaningful to someone else. This is what really stuck with me and is part of my reasoning for my proposal.

There were other topics that we discussed but it was just great to be able to have an open discussion about the DH field and I cannot wait for the next DH Playshop!