I attended a workshop this semester led by Anthony Wheeler about the tool Twine, and I thought I would share incase anyone is interested in exploring over break. Twine is an open-source tool that allows you to create narrative-based stories or games. It requires minimal to no coding skills and is very user-friendly.

It is recommended to download the Twine software on your computer as it makes saving your process easier.

During the workshop, we played a few existing twine games. One was called green eyed monster. It used Shakespeare as the overlaying focus and taught it in a more interesting and interactive way. This game presented a way to make material more stimulating by gamifying it and this also helps make the material more accessible by presenting it in a form students are familiar and interactive with everyday. 

Here are the links to the variety of Twine games we played.

  • arcadim.itch.io/you-a-man-and-a-knife
  • ianburnette.itch.io/green-eyed-monster
  • drink-to-destruction.itch.io/date-night
  • nuha.itch.io/autowrong
  • awheeler.itch.io/hhyesyp

Toward the end of the workshop we worked to create our own Twine narratives and games. The tool was easy to use and navigate. Twine offers a way to make material more fun and engaging and allows a user to be imaginative in their creation of a game and/or narrative.

Here is the link to the tool: https://twinery.org