Python Workshop

The Python workshop Wednesday evening stepped us through the command line in terminal, and some basic Python in an editor of our choice– i took the opportunity to try out VS Code which is what was recommended for the workshop.
Even though the workshop was officially full, people from the waitlist were able to join, and I think some walk-ins as well. There were laptops on hand for people to sign for and use if necessary.

The main instructor, Rafa, stepped us through the instructions using GitHub, and I found it helpful to have some passive exposure to GitHub, together with his supportive assurances not to be put off by the busy interface. He also had sent us very easy-to-follow (though also, somewhat intimidating-seeming to me) instructions in advance about what we needed to download to get our machines ready for the workshop, and how to do this.

The general material covered was the usual basic intro to Python– data types (integers, floats, strings, booleans, and lists), and some basic concepts and functions– the “type” function, arithmetic operations, variables, and the “for” loop. Although the material was already familiar to me, I found it really helpful to have a systematic, generously- and thoughtfully- paced, step-through of these fundamentals. Rafa was very clear and very attentive to the group and individuals; there was also individual support by Filipa.

I found this to be a great opportunity to meet a couple of the digital fellows: . I know that the CUNY Digital programs offer so much great support, but it can be hard to take a first step in reaching out. I now feel i would be more comfortable about contacting Rafa or Filipa for support.

A highlight of the evening was Eva suggesting an “analog” solution to a tech problem that arose. When Rafa wanted to use the blackboard without having to turn and re-start the projector…. maybe somebody else will want to tell about that…