Final Project Reflections on Creating a Digital Archive

For the final project I knew I wanted to do something with the archives. I was also inspired by the Puerto Rico Syllabus project and wanted to incorporate a pedagogical element. There are projects that focus on either archives or pedagogy, but very few that focus on both. My concept for a Steinway Family Digital Archive had multiple goals: to consolidate materials related to the Steinway family into one place, provide a space for educational materials that use the archive, and have the space be collaborative so educators, students, and researchers can build materials together.

I have worked on an archival digitization project before, so I know that it takes a lot of time. Trying to come up with a project that fit into the tight timeline of a semester forced me to reevaluate the scope of the project. Instead of digitizing materials, I would focus on collecting materials that have already been digitized and to only focus on New York City institutions. Also, since I don’t have much experience with teaching or using education materials, I left that part of the project open for the next iteration. Most of the my proposal clarifies that I’m laying the groundwork for a future version of the project that will incorporate more archival materials and educational materials.